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The word beauty has many meanings...

Our Shows:

show AMAYA


Our show asks you to take venture away from the banal and the prosaic, and in exchange shows you the extensive power that an artful mind can achieve. The groundwork of this breathtaking show is laid around the central theme of NIGHT RAIN. From the spectacular sound effects, to the stunning and enchanting acts themselves, which set a tone of surrealism and introspection, the spectacle leaves the viewer in awe of its whimsical nature.

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show RED


Red is a world inspired by a painting, where dance is the way to escape the real life. Red is the color of fire, with association of energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. In Red we experience the excitement, artistry and thrill that occurs when dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, aerialists channel these associations
through their exceptional skills. Red’s natural physiological effects make it the go-to color for grabbing your attention. When something needs to be seen, it’s RED.

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Divergent is connects two unlike forms of art. The groundwork of this breathtaking show is the existence of two different cultures of movement, two different forms of dance and understanding of body. From the spectacular choreography, to the stunning and enchanting acts themselves, you and your guests will be thrilled and astounded by this magnificent performance.

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show Circuitio


Circuitio is the Latin word for circle, rotation, round, spin, tour, twirl. You can expect to see a lot of hula hoops, a lot of spins and a lot of energy. This acrobatic show is a non stop feast for the senses. Are you ready?

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show Zabava


The Zabava has thrilled audiences at some of the world’s most privileged events. Treat your guests to an unforgettable circus show, complete with a wide range of styles and talents, featuring non traditional clowns and comedy, romance and beauty. Zabava is a wonderful way to treat yourself to something truly amazing.

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